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Incredible Magic!


Here are links to reviews of some magic effects and books that you can purchase, learn and perform, allegedly to the amazement of your audience.

TV Card Frame Review - a chosen card visually appears between to clear, plexiglass plates.

"The Royal Road to Card Magic" - If you want to go from novice to expert, just read and work this amazing book.

What it looks like.

Here are some videos which feature sleight of hand magic that you can just watch.

Penetrating Match Trick -
One solid stick match passes right through another.

Amazing Cigarette Vanish - Astonishing, mind-boggling  twenty seconds.

Deo Aces - a card trick with a wonderful surprise ending. A great one to add to your repertoire. 

Card Warp - one of the classics in magic. A regular playing card magically reverses around when pushed thru another folded card. Lots of people do this magic effect. This is my presentation.

Torn and Restored Cigarette - Quick, visual close up magic trick.

How it's done.

Check back often. I will be adding lots of videos showing you how to do amazing feats of magic with cards, coins, cigarettes, matches. Some easy, some hard.

How to do yet another very cool cigarette trick
Fast and mind boggling cigarette vanish and reproduction.

Cigarette vanish revealed
This is one of my favorite cigarette vanishes. It's fast and pretty.

Another cigarette vanish
How to do a very cool disappearing cigarette trick that you don't see performed very often.


Are you looking to learn how to read minds (or at least appear to)? Here is where you will find a collection of magical effects that give the appearance of incredible psychic abilities. Read minds. Tell fortunes. Make predictions.

Use your Android phone to read minds!
Ask a spectator to pick a number. When they touch the Android screen, their number is revealed. Very cool mind reading magic trick.

Amazing Phone Book Mind Reading Telepathy Trick Revealed
Mysterious effect where your sealed prediction from a phone book is randomly chosen by specators.

Learn to read minds here!

Just for fun, check out these freaky online psychic web pages:

Freaky Test - Try it. It most likely will freak you out.

Psychic Online Card Trick - classic and still cool.

interactive fortune teller free psychic reading future predicted fortune telling







Learn how to do an incredible mind reading, psychic telepathy trick with a phone book, dictionary or any book

This is truly a mind blowing mind-reading, telepathy effect for the spectators. A little preparation is required, but well worth the effort. This telepathic demonstration will have your audience scratching their heads.

EFFECT:  Begin by announcing that you are going to make a prediction. On a small piece of paper, you jot something down, seal it in an envelope, and give it to a spectator to hold. You then ask each of three spectators to give you a one digit number. You take those three digits and reverse the order and subtract the smaller from the larger. Take that result, then reverse it as well and add the two together. You then instruct the spectator to open the phone book (or dictionary) and go to a page and location corresponding to the numerical answer you arrived at. The name (or word) exactly matches the prediction in the sealed envelope.

HOW IT'S DONE: This can actually be done with any book and these days you may have to use something other than a phone book or dictionary. I know I don't have either of those handy, since I can just grab my Droid and get a phone number or definition, so another type of book may be necessary.

Prior to attempting this feat, you must decide which book you're going to use. Go to page 108, and count down nine lines. That name, word or phrase is your prediction.

First ask each of three people to give you a one digit number from one to nine (if one of them repeats a number already given, say they need their own number). If there aren't three people, have one person give you a three digit number (again no repeated numbers and avoid zeros).

Write that number down in clear view on a pad or chalk board. Let's say the number is 652. You then explain that you're going to reverse the order of that number, and subtract the smaller from the larger. 652 minus 256 equals 396. Take 396 and reverse it as well (doing all of this in clear view). Take those two numbers and add them together (396 plus 963). The total is 1089. Instruct one spectator to go to page 108, count down to the ninth line and read aloud what is on that line. Ask another spectator to open your prediction envelope and POW! BAM! WHALLUP! They match!

This can be an amazing feat, but be vewwy vewwy careful with your numbers. If you mess up, there's no going back.

NOTES: Make sure that each number is unique. 427, 891, 643 NOT 229, 443 828. Repeated numbers will throw off the equation and make you look silly.

If you wish to make it even more dramatic you can have three books and use a force to have them choose the right one.

This is an amazing demonstration of how to read minds and psychic skills. Because the mind reading, telepathic trick is so simple, it's very important to play it up with adequate drama.

It's also a good idea to have a number of mind reading and psychic effects ready to  perform. You don't want to give the spectators time to overthink how you may have done it. If they start playing with numbers, they may figure out that the solution is always 1089. Of course, if pressed and they ask you to give numbers, use repeated numbers if that issue did not come up. That way you'll have a different total.

Make sure you visit the Incredible Magic website to learn more fortune telling, mind-reading psychic tricks as well as learn incredible sleight-of-hand, close-up magic.