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Incredible Magic!


Here are links to reviews of some magic effects and books that you can purchase, learn and perform, allegedly to the amazement of your audience.

"The Royal Road to Card Magic" - If you want to go from novice to expert, just read and work this amazing book.

TV Card Frame Review - a chosen card visually appears between to clear, plexiglass plates.

What it looks like.

Here are some videos which feature sleight of hand magic that you can just watch.

Penetrating Match Trick -
One solid stick match passes right through another.

Amazing Cigarette Vanish - Astonishing, mind-boggling  twenty seconds.

Deo Aces - a card trick with a wonderful surprise ending. A great one to add to your repertoire. 

Card Warp - one of the classics in magic. A regular playing card magically reverses around when pushed thru another folded card. Lots of people do this magic effect. This is my presentation.

Torn and Restored Cigarette - Quick, visual close up magic trick.

How it's done.

Check back often. I will be adding lots of videos showing you how to do amazing feats of magic with cards, coins, cigarettes, matches. Some easy, some hard.

How to do yet another very cool cigarette trick
Fast and mind boggling cigarette vanish and reproduction.

Cigarette vanish revealed
This is one of my favorite cigarette vanishes. It's fast and pretty.

Another cigarette vanish
How to do a very cool disappearing cigarette trick that you don't see performed very often.


Are you looking to learn how to read minds (or at least appear to)? Here is where you will find a collection of magical effects that give the appearance of incredible psychic abilities. Read minds. Tell fortunes. Make predictions.

Amazing Phone Book Mind Reading Telepathy Trick Revealed
Mysterious effect where your sealed prediction from a phone book is randomly chosen by spectators.

Use your Android phone to read minds!
Ask a spectator to pick a number. When they touch the Android screen, their number is revealed. Very cool mind reading magic trick.

Learn to read minds here!

Just for fun, check out these freaky online psychic web pages:

Freaky Test - Try it. It most likely will freak you out.

Psychic Online Card Trick - classic and still cool.





Android mind reading app - use your Smartphone to perform this amazing psychic, mentalist trick

EFFECT: You ask a spectator to think of any number between one and 31. You explain that your Smartphone can be used to read minds. You ask a few simple questions, and then ask the spectator to touch your Android screen. When they do, the number that they just thought of appears on the screen.

 I guess you'll either love or hate this mind reading trick that you can perform with your Android device. Some of the comments about this app state that it's lame, and stupid and they figured it out right away. Really? Really!!???

If they figured it out right away, I believe it's because they recalled the paper method where the next box of numbers you chose depended on whether the previous one contained your selected number or not. Properly presented, the Android version is much smoother and more natural...and subsequently more amazing.

As with so many other magical effects, it's all in the presentation.